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Possible album cover and a bagpipe mic experiment — 8 Comments

  1. I liked tune 1, the pipes sounded beefy-er to me. : )
    The cover art made me dizzy at first, but it’s a cool shot!!

  2. the picture gives me the smallest bit of vertigo – but your music always makes me deliciously dizzy so it’s appropriate!

  3. on first listen I liked the first track best, but after a few I liked the second. I think it’s because the first track the pipes are more prominent. But I think they’re more refined in the second. The first is more nasal. It’s going to be an awesome track either way!

    I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that the pipers like the first best. I think it’s because the birls really crack.

    I find the cover disconcerting.

  4. Michael likes #1 better.
    I like #2 a bit better, but there’s not a of difference to me. Both good.

  5. Hmmm…I think I like excerpt #2 better. The pipes sound “cleaner”.

    The photo gives me the impression of traveling in a space shuttle making my way around Earth and this is the point where I am “crossing the Sabine”.

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