Bulgarian Hoboekentanz

Actual Morentanz ( I switched the names of this one and Joyssance (former Morentanz)

John Pattersons Mare Jolly Tinker


EJ’s by Will MacMorran, original track

EJs by Will new video arragement by Frances and EJ

EJ’s by Will MacMorran

Intro 16 bars

A- straighter rhythms
B- has syncopations we can hit together

A- again
B- again


A- Pipes then drums 2x, bouzouki diamonds
B- All in

A- Pipes and drums trade 2x, full bouz
B- everyone hits are really emphasized

Tag- bar + 1 hit



We are working on some new things! (Also need to construct 8 set lists)
EJ’s by Will MacMorran
Slowdown Set (yes we’re bringin it back!)
Medeival Coursers
Frances new badass tune
Rory Gallagers / Celtic Matador
Poor Man’s Fortune theivery
EJ’s Badass Fairy Reels
Galician tune from Youtube