Will MacMorran. 

Will is an ace at Bagpipes/ Irish Uilleann Pipes / Guitar, teaches at ETSU, was the lead guitarist on many USA tours for The Chieftans.  Will is a once-in-ageneration level performer who really knows the music and can pass it on.


Cailen Campbell (fiddle), David Brown (guitar), Connell Sanderson.   All three excellent experienced performers,  Cailen and David are some of the best in the country at fiddle/guitar, and Connell is coming up strong on the Uilleann pipes.








Reel Sisters

Rosalind Buda and Kelly (Stewart)Brzozowski:  Kelly is Harp director at GMHG and a US champion harper.  Rosalind teaches smallpipe at the US PIpers Gathering.  Both experienced performers.