2016 Vannes (Melinerion) w Spotify audio

Welcome to the set list for May 15 Smoky Mountain Highland Games! 
We have 2 sets of 45 min each and it will be the most rockin’ stuff we know!!

A lot of the tunes below are going to go faster live than on these recordings….

I bet we will fit a song or two in there somewhere, but for the most part we’re going to play the set without a lot of talking or ‘splaining… just a couple of sets that will let the audience dance like crazy and get all sweaty!


1 Dalena McKay Mstr1

Flora NCL 226 no drums
Seamstress NCL 226 no drums
Hanter Dro
Gavottes Jan 9
Drum solo (Jason snare?)
Piperjones Band – Take to the Skies – 01 – Piperjones Band – Take to the Skies
Pyrrhic Picnic iphone recording
Gordon Duncan Tunes



Night Drive
Asturian Set
02 Rond De Loudéac_Dañs Plinn _FP Plinns_
Morentanz BE
Teri Ore NCL no drums
Snap NCL
Pressed for Time