Illustration by Gina HelmsI know a brilliant woman who has spent the last 20 years backing up other musicians and making them sound great. Frances Cunningham has accompanied and been a musical friend to instrumentalists from the Renaissance Festival to the Grand Ole Opry, and now is making her first CD under her own name. It’s now time for her friends to accompany her, and that’s just what we’ve been recording all year. This track is one of the results, and it was my favorite for an opening track, but it’s not going on the album because it didn’t quite fit the folk-feel of the other pieces. So instead of putting it on the CD, we are giving it to the world in hopes of having your patronage this Cyber Week and the rest of December. Buy it today and have it mailed to you in time to put into your holiday rotation. Guaranteed no Christmas carols. Just the heart and soul of the mighty FRANCES CUNNINGHAM and her army of musical warriors making the most beautiful sounds they can make.



Frances Cunningham, Alcinoe

Frances’s debut CD. $20


Set of three CDs

The Wandering Stars (2015), Crossing the Sabine (2016), Alcinoe (2016) $50


What about Revel Grove, the next Piper Jones CD?

Well, it’s in line to be produced right after Alcinoe. I promise you will hear about it soon!