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  1. I like Crossing the Sabine better on the CD but like this stripped version of Wave the Ocean better (like the banjo).

    It’s interesting hearing the different mixes of the songs. How do you decide which one is ‘better’??

  2. Doing a happy dance! You, Frances, and your crew will be bringing many happy hours of enjoyment to all.

  3. True or not, these notes to the story behind the tunes are lovely, and I can’t wait to hear the music. It is going to be great! I am going to check out the Tannies and Altan now and yes, sparkles are required for the ultimate party! Thank you for sharing your notes, EJ. Always an inspiration!

  4. The background stories make the songs come to Life! Plus, it’s cool to hear the inspiration behind it.

  5. I liked tune 1, the pipes sounded beefy-er to me. : )
    The cover art made me dizzy at first, but it’s a cool shot!!

  6. the picture gives me the smallest bit of vertigo – but your music always makes me deliciously dizzy so it’s appropriate!

  7. This is incredibly fascinating, the way sound is perceived by different groups of people. Out of curiosity, which clip did the pipers vote for and which clip did the non-pipers vote for? Intriguing!

  8. on first listen I liked the first track best, but after a few I liked the second. I think it’s because the first track the pipes are more prominent. But I think they’re more refined in the second. The first is more nasal. It’s going to be an awesome track either way!

    I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that the pipers like the first best. I think it’s because the birls really crack.

    I find the cover disconcerting.

  9. Michael likes #1 better.
    I like #2 a bit better, but there’s not a of difference to me. Both good.

  10. Hmmm…I think I like excerpt #2 better. The pipes sound “cleaner”.

    The photo gives me the impression of traveling in a space shuttle making my way around Earth and this is the point where I am “crossing the Sabine”.

  11. Looking forward to that piece! I love the ocean being a Fl girl. I listen to the crashing waves on my sound machine app each night.

  12. The Sheppies have loved EJ for such a long, long time…. Saw him through different bands, supported him with them (anyone see’s my facebook will know how many bands he has been with)….and that was just in my house..

  13. Thank you James for generously supporting EJ’s work! I look forward to enjoying your posts EJ. Give Frances a hug for me!