[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Big Spring – EJ Jones with Sean Sutherland” dl=”0″]

A new tune accompanied by an amazing guitarist

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”End of the World – EJ Jones, The Willow” dl=”0″]

This track is from the CD The Willow. Buy it now!


Sheet music

Big Spring – EJ Jones (pdf)

The Willow – EJ Jones, The Willow (pdf)

Mountain Road GHB (pdf)

Mountain Road SSP (pdf)

merrily kissed the quaker (pdf)

Lesson One:

1 hand stance
2 making a g gracenote
3: EJ warmup #1 played3 EJ warmup #1 played

And here’s the printed Warmup (pdf) exercise I like to do on the practice chanter.

Whistle lesson “Snowy Path” on a C Walton whistle.  SnowyPath sheet music.